Assignments for the 2021–2022 school year are coming soon!

Suggested Due Dates

This year’s Sunshine Math program consists of 20 assignments. We recommend you work on one assignment per week, and turn them in each Friday. The weekly dates below are just suggestions; however, each half of assignments must be turned in by the two semester deadlines to help our volunteer graders.

Don’t worry if you miss bringing in an assignment every week, but try to work on Sunshine Math regularly to keep from falling too far behind and rushing near the deadlines.

First Half Assignments

Assignments 1–10 must all be turned in by Friday, January 24th at the latest.

  1. TBD...

Second Half Assignments

Assignments 11–20 must all be turned in by June 10th (the last day of school).

  1. TBD...

Don’t forget to register your children before turning in the first assignment!